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You could have your own show in 90 days (or less)
Introducing the Self-Study Course...
Start Your Show!
A Fully Guided Online Course to Help You Launch an Online Video Show (YouTube, Facebook, Podcast), Be Seen EVERYWHERE and become an INFLUENCER! 
 Grow Your Coaching/Consulting Business
 Attract New Leads, Followers and Loyal Fans
 Establish Credibility as a Leader in Your Field
 Increase Your Prices & Better Serve Your Clients
Your media Coach
Alycia Darby Zimnoch
Alycia Darby Zimnoch is an online show producer and launches shows for entrepreneurs and personal brands. She authored a bestselling book, produces and hosts a top-rated iTunes Podcast, developed a YouTube Channel, and Facebook Live series -- which all automatically lead clients to her signature online course.

Alycia helps entrepreneurs like you Attract their Ideal Client, Build their Influence, and Communicate with Confidence.
A Sneak Peek at the "Start Your Show" Curriculum:
Script Templates and Outlines that Sell
Get outlines and templates to help you create your show scripts (intro, outro, trailer, calls-to-action) that will naturally sell your services
Find Royalty-Free Music and Marketing Images
Your show will have a personality of it's own with music, images, thumbnails, and photos that will level up your brand as a pro
Make Recording and Editing a Breeze
You'll learn the easiest way to  record and edit all your own videos fast through apps and software that make it easy
Get Clients and Sponsors with Your Show
You can use your show to gain clients, sponsors, or investors. You'll learn what you need to do to make it happen - fast
Equipment and Beautiful Home Set Up for Your Videos
Get a list of the exact equipment and items for your set that are high-quality, low-cost, and will make your show look truly beautiful 
Launch Strategy to Increase Reach
Launching right requires a specific system that grows your audience quickly and allows for more views and subscribers in the shortest amount of time
Episode Outlines that are Powerful and Quality
Download our Episode Outlines to know exactly how to write the content of your show so you never run out of ideas and your listeners rave about every single episode
How to Publish Your Show for Max Views
Discover the specific strategy that influencers use to ensure their videos are found and create maximum views and shares
Conversation Domination Repurposing Strategy
Learn how to dominate the conversation, be seen everywhere and get found by your favorite clients
Plus, These Bonuses...
Bonus #1: 
Welcome Strategy Call with Alycia
60-Minute Private Call with Alycia to brainstorm ideas for your show, your business and set you in the right direction
Bonus #2:
Private Members Facebook Group
Mastermind with other Entrepreneurs, share resources, and get your questions answered inside the group 
Bonus #3: 
Guest Interviews & Promotion
Impress your guests with a smooth process, high-quality content that they want to share and follow up to create lasting relationships with influencers
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